An instructor in Ugandan garb addresses a lecture hall full of student-leaders.

The Scholars Program

Educate. Connect. Impact.

Our Commitment

We are committed to educating the next generation of leaders on the African continent who will be at the forefront of championing transformative change in their respective communities they come from and on the African continent through solving complex challenges like poverty, unemployment, ending political conflicts, climate change, poor governance, etc.

We believe that access to quality education by young people especially girls is what can truly contribute to Africa’s transformation through an ever-growing movement of young transformational servant leaders.

A group of students working on an assignment.

Why The Scholars Program?

Africa is the youngest continent in the world yet remains under-developed. It is endowed with natural resources, but majority of its population is living below the poverty line. Africa’s development continues to be stalled by endless political conflicts and a lack of a critical mass of accountable leaders. For a country like Uganda that continues to lose 20 trillion shillings due to corruption, there is a strong need to educate the next generation of young leaders who will change the trajectory of Uganda and Africa.

What makes our program unique?

Our scholarship program is holistic in its approach. As an organisational team, we are committed to designing programs that fit the needs of those we serve. We do this through the practice of continuous organizational learning and improvement.

Unique components of the Program include:

  • Mentorship from local leaders
  • Career guidance and coaching
  • Job networking and internship placement
  • Engagement in community projects and public service
  • A long-term network of like-minded changemakers
  • Connections to scholarships, events, summits, etc, both within Africa and abroad

Reach out to Us

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