Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization whose core focus is equipping the next generation of accountable leaders. Currently, our programming focuses on Ugandan youth, especially those in high schools, universities, those transitioning into the job market, and those whose passion is to find their purpose and contribute to change in their communities.

We are building a movement of the next generation of accountable leaders who will build, champion and drive Africa ahead.

Adressing the Challenge

Africa continues to face challenges of economic hardship, corruption, weak public institutions and endless conflicts that have left many on the continent jobless, homeless, illiterate, ill and food insecure. Meanwhile, Africa is the youngest continent in the world with a median age of 19 years old.

Uganda in particular has one of the youngest and most rapidly growing populations in the world with a 3.7% population growth rate. 78% of Uganda’s population is under the age of 30. Uganda’s unemployment rate is 13.3% with more than 700,000 young people entering the job market each year. This presents a huge demographic dividend that needs to be harnessed.

That is why we are equipping Uganda youth with skills to create jobs, take up public service positions, stand up for elected office, and become the next innovators and creators on the continent. We believe they can change workplaces and impact those around them through leading their own lives and leading their communities.

LeadMinds Africa is building a platform through which young people can access advice, guidance, connections, and support, while being challenged by those who have walked their life journeys successfully and are now dedicating their lives towards leaving behind a better next generation.


We envision an empowered future generation of skilled, accountable leaders who will build, champion and drive Africa forward.

We strongly believe that foreign aid is not a long lasting solution to Africa’s problems. Rather, the continent needs a critical mass of accountable African leaders who lead with integrity and life values, a Pan-African mindset, creating productive jobs, and ending wars through finding common ground to work collaboratively on challenges that affect their Countries.

We are focused on developing accountable leaders capable of creating long lasting solutions to the root causes of Africa’s problems.


We are a non-profit organization equipping young people with the skills, resources and connections to become accountable leaders who will create sustainable solutions to community challenges across Africa. We are doing this through education, mentorship, leadership and Entrepreneurship skills development.

1. Equip

Our desire is to provide the tools, resources through engaging learning practices that equip young people to discover who they are, gain skills and knowledge that enable their personal growth, build stronger relationships with each other and contribute to transformative change as an outcome of their own personal transformation. We are developing leaders who know better so that they can do better. We do not just bring people together, we encourage our leaders to focus on developing other leaders.

2. Engage

We encourage our young leaders to go out and engage with the World through finding long lasting solutions to community challenges. We do not just teach or bring people together, we challenge them to go out and make a difference!

3. Connect

We strongly believe in the power of a meaningful NETWORK! When people are connected through a long term network of like-minded individuals, great ideas and innovations are sparked. But what is really key are the intentional relationships amongst the leaders that emerge built on accountability and shared aspirations and leaving a legacy as well as a better world. Margaret Mead had to say; "Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have." At LeadMinds Africa, we believe in equipping a few committed leaders well so that they can step out and impact many!

Our Core Values


We are answerable for our actions and those of our teams. Every day, we strive to do things that further the goals of our organization through pursuit of excellence and better results.


We prioritize open and honest communication in all our dealings.


We strategically use available resources to solve community challenges and meet organizational goals.


We challenge the status-quo through originality, imagination, and innovation.


We recognize our limitations while serving others.


We value each individual’s strengths and leverage working together for social impact.


We celebrate the power of different ideas, strengths, and beliefs in creating a thriving, healthy organization and better world.

Our Model

We do not believe in just bringing together people and taking them through different processes that transfer 21st century skill-sets to our participants, our work goes beyond that, it is deeply rooted in:


We work with young people who demonstrate the potential and have initiative for leadership.


Our focus is to provide tools and best practices that stimulate people to think through engaging environments that facilitate a better understanding of the concept of leadership and how to lead, enabling our learners to translate the skills and knowledge gained into how they can contribute to positive change in their respective communities.


This is the most important stage of our work. Our goal is to see young people live out their influence as a result of their own personal transformation. Therefore, we challenge young people through our programming to go out into their respective communities and countries and embody leadership values, and become champions of change through designing long-lasting solutions to community problems.

Things That Inspire our Work

Creating spaces/environments that inspire young people’s creative imaginations.

We create well-planned, interactive and experiential learning opportunities that challenge young people’s thinking models (mindsets). These genuinely inspire them to think differently and see themselves as agents of change in their communities and countries.

Providing resources and tools that empower young people.

We support young people on their journeys of discovering who they are, self-mastery, leadership and personal growth by providing tools, curated seminars and resources through a variety of settings and formats. This is intended to inspire how they work, how they express themselves creatively, and how they interact with one another and the world around them.

Gathering people to experience growth together through an ever-growing supportive network of Changemakers.

We gather people in a variety of settings and sizes, genders and ages, in order for them to experience the power that comes with intentional relationships, sense of belonging, and being accountable to each other in a supportive network of fellow leaders. They will challenge one another to grow, pursue dreams and never be afraid to work on ambitious ideas, etc. We call this the ‘LeadMinds community.’

Facilitating opportunities and mentorship that release young people to engage with their life’s purpose or mission.

We feel called to raise and release people (especially the young people) to fulfill God’s calling for their lives and to equip them to engage with God’s mission in their lives.

  1. WE SUPPORT young people to discover their unique calling or contribution to the mission of God.

  2. WE PROVIDE tangible opportunities to use gifts and abilities in the ACTIVE engagement of their life’s purpose. This is through volunteering opportunities, internships, connecting them to job placements, or supporting them to start working towards their dreams.

  3. WE ENGAGE in ongoing coaching and mentorship of young people, so that continuous investment in their lives leads to greater influence in both their personal lives and in their spheres of influence.