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A small group of Students in uniform listening intently to a LeadMinds Africa instructor.

Why We Exist

Our goal is to disrupt the status-quo, to equip young people to unleash their potential, and to prepare them to solve complex challenges in their communities.

A student standing to speak in an outdoor classroom.

The Skills Gap

62% of youths in Uganda lack the job skills required of them by employers. This continues to hold back millions of graduates/young people from finding gainful employment.

A group of LeadMinds Africa students in sharp uniforms smiles in front of a LeadMinds Africa banner.

Youth Unemployment

It's estimated that 80% of youth are unemployed in Africa according to the African Development Bank. Within the next 15 years, 375 million young people will become of working age in Africa.

A young professional LeadMinds Africa graduate smiling in a sharp suit.

Lack of Leadership Education

According to the International Labour Organization: "the top priority for Africa is to develop innovative training and skills development schemes that better align young job seeker’s profiles with the needs of local labour markets."

African youth have the potential, what they lack is the opportunity.

Our Ambition

A teacher reviewing a paper behind a desk full of students.


Expand access to education through scholarships and working with a range of partners to improve how young people learn and access skills to unleash their full potential and thrive in a World that is changing so fast.

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Two young leaders dressed for employment.


Creating pathways for young people to develop careers, access jobs and build sustainable and scalable projects that create millions of jobs leading to thriving communities and countries.

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Amplify the voices of young people and empower them to take action on key political, social, economic and scientific issues.

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Meet the Future Leaders of Africa

A photo of one of our graduates, Denis Obua Oscar.

Denis Obua Oscar

Student leader at Kyambogo University

Being part of LeadMinds has made my goals and ambitions in leadership more clear and achievable, since I have gained a lot of experience, skills, and confidence. I have met many fascinatingly interesting people who have guided me in my line of interests and passion. LeadMinds definitely has been an eye opening experience to my leadership career.

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A photo of one of our graduates, Waithera Fiona.

Waithera Fiona

Student at St.Anthony Girls secondary school

I come from a small village called Pajule in Pader district in Northern Uganda. In 2018, I had the opportunity to attend a LeadMinds annual leaders conference.

During the conference, I learned that everyone is capable of transforming the world regardless of his or her size, age, origin, status, religion, academic level, or level of income. All it takes is a determined mind and a willing heart.

A photo of one of our graduates, Nambuya Winniefred Christine.

Nambuya Winniefred Christine

Young professional & facilitator at LeadMinds

I joined LeadMinds in 2018 and since then it has brought a great impact on me.

I have learned life qualities such as dedication, discipline, positivity, courage, self confidence, and compassion. It has really helped me to focus on things that really matter in life, and how and where I can make a difference.

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