Uganda Team

A photo of our Founder, Enock.

Enock Nkulanga

Co-Founder & Team Leader

Enock's Story
A headshot of Rebecca Merrifield, Co-Founder and COO of LeadMinds Africa.

Rebecca Merrifield

Co-Founder & COO.

Becca is currently a Programs associate at iDE (international Development Enterprise) and an international development professional.

A headshot of Javis Lubwama, Programs Coordinator and Advisor at LeadMinds Africa.

Javis Lubwama

Programs Coordinator and Advisor.

I live and work in Uganda. Married now coming to 7yrs. A lot of my daily thinking and work is a round supporting leaders with the Knowledge, Skills and Resources to tackle personal and community challenges.

A headshot of Kalyango Paul.

Kalyango Paul

High School Leadership Development programs coordinator.

Paul holds a bachelor's degree in Education. He is a teacher by training. He enjoys working on curriculum development and learning tools.

A headshot of Mugenyi Rogers, Programs Director at LeadMinds Africa.

Mugenyi Rogers

Programs Director.

Rogers has spent over 10 years in the Non-profit sector working with Cornerstone Development as a Programs Manager and later as a Mentor and Cell leader at a Church.

A headshot of Namirembe Sally Patricia

Namirembe Sally Patricia