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Enock is a development practitioner who works in Eastern Africa in youth leadership development. Currently, Enock works as the National Director for African Children’s Mission, a non-profit organization with operations in Uganda and Kenya reaching out to vulnerable Children through education. He is educating the next generation of young leaders in Africa and beyond who will lead guided by values and principles. Having grown up in this part of the World from a young age, Mr. Nkulanga has witnessed firsthand the stifling effects of poverty that prevent individuals and communities from overcoming their holistic development challenges. Burdened by this challenge in our modern World, his heart has been led to work that helps others gain opportunities to experience more personal growth, exercise more of their inherent potential, and become more empowered in fulfilling their purpose in life. His passion is to inspire others so that they can be inspired to do the things that inspire them and together we can change the World.

Enock is also a Global Youth Ambassador at TheirWorld (an initiative launched by the UN Secretary General) advocating and campaigning for Children’s rights to education globally. He is also the Founder of LeadMinds Africa; a non-profit Organization whose mission is to engage, equip and Inspire young emerging leaders that will build, champion and drive Africa ahead. His purpose is to devote his life towards the building of a prosperous Africa with accountable leadership. Enock is a Mandela Institute for Development Studies fellow who is strongly convicted that Africa’s future is dependent on the quality of emerging young leaders.

In addition, Enock Nkulanga holds a bachelor’s degree in development Studies from Makerere University and has been working in the Non-profit sector in top management positions since 2013.

His work recently led him to being recognized by the Former President of the United States, Barack Obama during the Mandela Lecture as one among the only three young people recognized on the African Continent for embodying Mandela’s values and doing work that is transforming their Communities.