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Mentoring at LeadMinds Africa is built upon our strong belief in the power of developmental relationships. Over the years, we have observed that young people especially in Africa who are born and grow up amidst poverty/enormous challenges gain long-term success in life when they have what is called ”developmental relationships” with people they look up-to as mentors in their lives. At the core of our programming is the goal “to engage, equip and connect young people to embody leadership values and contribute to change in their respective communities as an outgrowth of their personal transformation”. LeadMinds Africa understands that alone, young people can easily be picked off or choose a wrong path as a result of lack of answers to questions in their minds about career, right skills they need to gain, how to search for a job, build their ideas from the ground up, follow their passions, etc, but that they can face anything in community/network with each other and with access to mentors.

LeadMinds’ goal therefore is to build a community/ network of young people who value helping each other experience personal transformation through staying connected in long-term relationships with each other as they collaborate and share knowledge, insights, skills and wisdom gained from their mentors. Through staying connected in a large community of mentors and with each other, we strongly believe that they can be helped to become the grandest versions of themselves and grow into great fathers, mothers and leaders God intended them to be. All of this begins with a one-on-one relationship with the mentor, but it soon spills over into the community where we all live and work.

Mentoring is a powerful approach through which young people can be encouraged and equipped toward personal transformation.

How we consider mentorship?

Mentoring in the LeadMinds Africa context should be thought about as a two-way “exchange”, rather than a ”one-way” impartation. It is not just about an “older” LeadMinds leadership coach and or someone considered to be a mentor teaching a “younger” one; it is also very much about two LeadMinds employees, trainers or mentors at different stages in life, in their career, or in their family experiences, exchanging something that helps the other transform. For example; the younger may learn from the elder’s experience, wisdom, knowledge and perspective, being challenged when necessary, and the elder may receive a fresh influx of life, joy and optimism, uncovering new vitality and ideas. Mentors and mentees must come into the relationship willing and eager to learn, grow and be transformed together.

Mentoring in the LeadMinds community should be:

  • Transformational (not just informational or educational)
  • Intentional—we should encourage and facilitate mentoring relationships (not just hope they occur).
  • Relational—it is about friendship (without agenda)
  • Consistent with the LeadMinds mission and long-term—mentors and mentees must be committed to the relationship and committed to it being a true LeadMinds friendship—one characterized by transparency and authenticity in an environment of trust and acceptance where permission to “speak truth” is implicit.
  • Purpose-driven—a mentee should be guided, empowered and encouraged by the ‘’beyond-self’’ knowledge/insights from his We encourage our mentors not to use the mentoring relationship/presence as a self-serving opportunity or a time to promote themselves but rather as an opportunity to inspire and direct the mentee towards something bigger than themselves-the bigger picture of their lives!
  • Part of living in community
  • A two-way street where both the mentor and mentee learn from each other
  • About being a STAR and finding a STAR—someone who will:
    • Shepherd – Be an example, model, listen, counsel and advise
    • Train – Instruct and problem solve
    • Activate – Identify gifts, talents and calling, equip, encourage, deploy, and oversee
    • Restore/ Release– Heal, befriend, disciple, transform, a holistic, fully integrated approach to life and faith

Mentoring in LeadMinds community should NOT be:

  • Content-driven-content can be used to facilitate training but should not be the basis of the
  • Managed by objectives or agenda-driven using the means to manipulate a pre- determined
  • A guided self-help
  • A one-way