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Uganda has over 15 million young people in over 17000 schools across the country. Ugandan schools follow a national curriculum designed and rolled out by the government through the Ministry of Education. The education system is more theoretical focused on syllabus completion rather than creating learning experiences that expose and equip young people with life skills that position them better to navigate both career and life challenges.

This has inspired us to design a year-long leadership development program targeting majorly high school students. This program follows a recurring year-long leadership curriculum aimed at equipping young people in high schools across Uganda and the East African region with leadership skills, tools and resources for self-mastery, self-awareness, continuous personal growth, living a purpose and character-driven life and discovery of their values in life.

We want to develop leaders on the African continent who are character-driven, live life and lead according to values and purpose and whose decisions come from a much-deeper place within not the narrow-mindedness driven by self-interests and ego.

This program targets both public and private high schools. Majority of the young people in these schools understand success in a linear way;

Through the Minds2Lead program, we are offering young people a unique opportunity to understand and look at life differently in a much bigger way more than just getting a job. We are inspiring them to understand themselves as change agents.