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A social networking platform that connects young people with prominent individuals who want to pass on the baton of leadership to the next generation. These young people include but not limited to young professionals, university student leaders, entrepreneurs and people with a relentless desire to learn, gain knowledge and skills with which they can understand with clarity how to better tap into their gifts and talents to champion transformational change they desire to see in their respective communities.

We connect young people with inspirational individuals who have dedicated their lives towards something bigger than themselves, have mastered their craft, possess a unique skillset, brand and voice and developed a track record in their fields of expertise through building impactful organizations, companies or hold top leadership positions and are using their influence to achieve greater organizational results, image and brand , and now are at a stage in their lives where they want to use their time, experience and wisdom gained over the years  to share their leadership lessons, stories of success and failures and transfer their knowledge to the next generation of leaders who will lead well long after they are gone.

Our Leaders Forum happens quarterly and we have been fortunate to host incredible individuals on this platform.