Annual Leaders gathering

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Through the annual leaders gathering, we bring together young leaders to learn and gain knowledge, tools and skills as well as inspiration to lead and bring about change. Through the gathering, we are on a mission to ensure that every young person during their most important formative years has the opportunity to understand better the concept of leadership, how great leaders lead and gain best practices they can use to influence positively those they lead.

The gathering creates a platform through which young people establish long-term developmental relationships and networks with each other. Our aim is to create;

    a) NETWORK

A movement of like-minded individuals with similar interests who hold each other accountable to a high standard of values and principles. This network has resulted into long-term relationships of young people even beyond their school boundaries who are inspired by the bigger idea of bringing about change in their communities.


During the gathering and after, our goal is to create a platform of continuous learning. Young people are matched through small groups through which they get to know each other at a deeper level, share with each other what they are learning, life values and principles that guide their living and we also continuously share resources with best practices they can apply in life for personal growth and development. This has led to ‘’circles of friends’’ who are driven by the bigger desire of identifying community challenges and stepping forward to find solutions for them.


Through the gathering and after, our goal is to inspire and encourage young people to form intentional relationships and not just hope they occur. Through intentional relationships, they are driven to live for a bigger purpose than selves. We want them to look at life differently driven by confidence in their own potential to bring about change they want to see in their communities. Because of that, we engage and inspire young people to form intentional relationships with each other through which they can hold each other accountable, discover their life’s purpose and live a mission-oriented life.