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We are a nonprofit organization which equips young people to become accountable leaders and create positive change in their communities. We equip young Africans with leadership-based skills, knowledge, resources, and networks.
We offer training, mentorship, fellowships, and networking opportunities.
Our aspiration is to become a trusted provider of leadership skills development and networking by creating the best networking experiences, practical learning models, and well-researched practice guides backed by a network of educators, leadership experts, individual and corporate partners.

Our Vision

We exist so that a new generation of young, accountable African Leaders will build, champion and drive Africa ahead.

Our Mission

We engage, equip and connect young people to embody leadership values and implement sustainable solutions in their communities and beyond.

Our Values

  • Resourcefulness: We strategically use available resources to solve Community challenges.
  • Creativity: We challenge the status-quo through originality, imagination, and innovation.
  • Humility: We recognize our limitations while serving others.
  • Collaboration: We value each individual’s strengths and leverage working together for social impact.
  • Diversity: We celebrate the power of different ideas, strengths, and beliefs in creating a thriving, healthy organization.

Our Model

Our work revolves around an approach we call 3 Ds;

Discover​; We work with young people who demonstrate the potential for leadership.

Develop​; Our focus is to provide tools and best practices through engaging environments for young people to better understand the concept of leadership, how they can translate the skills and knowledge gained to contribute to positive change in their communities.

Deploy​; We challenge our participants to go out into their respective communities and embody the leadership values, as well as become champions of change through designing long-lasting solutions to community issues/problems.

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