core values

Our Core Values

Resourceful: Using the little to do big things is at the core of LeadMinds Africa.

Thinking outside the box: Nurturing Leaders who think outside the box and use the available resources/tools for a greater impact.

Curiosity: Nurturing a generation of curious young leaders.

Mindful: We focus on developing leaders who are mindful of both the present and the future.

Humility: The greatest among us are servants. Humility is our top priority.

Partnership: We recognise that we cannot do it alone. Leveraging Partnerships accelerates efforts to scale social good.

Diversity: We celebrate the richness created by a variety of cultures, beliefs and life experiences.

Our Strategy

Discover: Our goal is to help and support young people to discover their potentials, purpose and believe in their own ideas and power to bring change in their communities and Nations
Design: Programs and resources that serve the needs of learners and relevant to the current time.
Develop: Creating tools and resources that equip young leaders with a skill-set for leadership.We do this through curated training while connecting young leaders to different opportunities and Mentors
Deploy: We send out and challenge equipped critical mass of young leaders who stay connected through a lifelong network championing transformative change in their different communities,Nations and the World

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